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Meet Natalie

Relish in the unfolding arms of the unknown

When I look back at my timeline, I realise that I have always adopted the unconventional attitude to life. Dedicating my heart to each project, business, audition, friendship, and relationship that I was honoured to be part of.

Rarely did I question what would happen. I just faced my fears held trust in my heart and had a go. The unknown for me is what makes life so exciting! Once you fully trust that all your needs will be met in divine timing the struggle is released and the dance with life begins.

Now as an intuitive luminary I continue to channel and transmute this creative energy along with the wisdom of our ancestors through sound and words to amplify the human experience.

Through my work as a writer, speaker, presenter singer, and sound healing guide, I empower changemakers to push to their edges: to activate the power of their intuitive voice and to begin truly dancing with life.

As a leader and Soulpreneur, I embody all aspects of my raw, divine femininity while breaking conventions, creating change, and paving the way for others to follow.

My first business The Voice Experience helped hundreds of people to realise their dreams to become singers and confident public speakers; celebrations included WestEnd red carpet premiers to awards at prestigious performing art schools.

In 2017 I launched an online well-being hub and sustainable yoga wear brand called Yummy Yoga Girl. 2022 sees the birthing of my first non-profit business The Femtor Foundation; establishing intelligence for generations to come.

In my spare time, you’ll find me walking on the beach, writing with a cuppa tea in a boho-chic cafe, or lulling in the Spanish sun with my beautiful besties Freedy and Rocket the Cockapoo!

Soul Hustlers Arise

Embracing one another. 

Rising together. 

Igniting your truth. 



Right now.

A new wave of leaders are pioneering a soul-led revolution. 

This collective of Soulpreneurs are forming “co-creative” ecosystems built on sustainability, transparency, and trust.

Sparked by the nonlinear movement. Diverse businesses are not just being birthed. But thriving from this plentiful source of support fuelled by community and truth.

Releasing Reverberant Voices: Ready to make some noise within your area of expertise?

Join in with us and use your voice with purpose as you explore the impact of your potential in a loving and progressive environment…


Meet Me To Truly Meet You


When did you last have time just for you? 

 To really dig deep into what you want for your life?  

To explore what your most magical life would look like?  

And then create the steps to get you there? 

This is the gift I’m offering you. 45 minutes to connect with you click here to book your call with me to truly meet you! 

See you there beautiful. 


Light The Way

Are you a lost soul? A magnetic soul? A wounded soul? Or perhaps you are an awakening soul? It’s time to remember your purpose?

Natalie's first book has landed...

Light The Way

‘Light The Way is a must-have soul guide to loving life, loving yourself, and committing to the true business of your soul.

For change-makers ready to approach life and business the unconventional way.

Light The Way takes you gently through the stages of transitioning from fear of the unknown to unapologetically owning each individual step towards embracing it.

Ready to dance with freedom and live a life fuelled by your soul? 

“A must-have soul guide to loving life, loving yourself, and committing to the true business of your soul.’ Lisa Melbourne Spiritual Coach & Author of Natural Magic for the Modern Goddess 

Available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Blackwells  

cosmic songbird


Embark on a journey to unapologetically owning each individual step towards reclaiming your out-of-the-ordinary soul story.

For modern-day changemakers who are ready to go all-in, stir up their shit, and activate the power of their intuitive voice.

Each episode is infused with activation codes for you to create more space in your life and build trust with the unknown. Enjoy meditations, moments of stillness, breath work and healing in these short but soul fuelled sound bites from my you tube channel.  




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